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It's easier than ever for American Express® Card Members to book on Airbnb

Card Members can now use their American Express® login and Membership Rewards points to book accommodations, ranging from city lofts to rural yurts, provided by local hosts on Airbnb. After choosing an accommodation, Card Members may enter an eligible American Express Card at checkout and choose to use all or some Membership Rewards points on their next getaway.

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Use Membership Rewards® points to stay in a place that suits your style

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Live like a local in 190+ countries and over 2 million listings

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    Search the world for accommodations, from private rooms inside hosts' homes to entire houses fit for large groups.

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    Refine by property type, price, amenities, neighborhood, pets, and select a listing that fits your needs.

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    Create an Airbnb profile with your American Express login, then pay with Amex Express Checkout or
    Membership Rewards points.

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    Make breakfast or ask your host about their favorite brunch spot. Travel in a new way—don’t just go there, live there.


Airbnb is used and trusted by over 80,000,000 people worldwide

  • Verified ID

    Guests and hosts create detailed profiles and verify their identity by connecting to their social networks, scanning their official ID, or confirming personal details.

  • The American Express Card Member Advantage

    Create an Airbnb profile with your User ID, then opt to add an extra layer of verification to your profile by identifying yourself as an American Express Card Member.

  • Profile and Reviews

    After every trip, both hosts and guests leave public reviews so the next visitor or host knows what to expect.

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    Our world-class customer service team is available 24/7.